Sigler Donuts

by Paul Fischer

If Scott Sigler were to make donuts, what kind would they be?

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Original Photo used under GNU Free license thanks to Wikipedia. This photo is the result of a Twitter conversation between Scott Sigler, Paul Fischer, and several others.

Scott Sigler: grumble-grumble … time to make the donuts. I need a day off.

Maegan Breakall: @scottsigler I’ll take a glazed, this time no blood splatters on it tho, k?

Scott Sigler: @VividMuse: They all have blood splatters. I’m switching to writing romance.

Paul Fischer: @scottsigler I like raised donuts, not cake ones. Cruller Rawk!

Christiana Ellis: @pfischer I like crullers when they are good. But when they get even a LITTLE bit stale or soggy, instant yuck.

Paul Fischer: @scottsigler Gore filled blood splattered eye flavored donuts

Maegan Breakall: @pfischer: LOL!!!! i love it!

Christiana Ellis: I hate them soggy, but I’ll put up with them a little stale. Fresh is best.

Scott Sigler: @pfischer: funny, that’s just the kind of batch of donuts I’m working on right now. Flavors: Russian, Italian, Nocturnal.

Scott Sigler: @pfischer: that is one of the coolest pics ever.

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