Twitter Updates for 2008-07-04

by Paul Fischer
  • @MarsPhoenix Sweet! I can’t wait to see what the chemical makeup of that ice is. #
  • Started the holiday weekend by cutting the grass and doing yard work. Allergies are so-so. Next we make baby registry. #
  • @TeeMonster Oh wow! Is it that time of year again! I can’t believe it’s gone so fast. Happy b-day to SB. #
  • @Kamikat W00t! @kamikat makes the best pies. #
  • @AudioMetrix Holy shit! You’re moving to Ireland? #
  • @clm122704 Killer Koi? #
  • ReTwt: GMMFAO – if cookbook geeks were like D&D geeks: #
  • @TSDivaDani You still in Maine? #
  • @Kamikat I wish we could be there. We have some Maine tastes to share. #
  • @AudioMetrix Good luck! Study hard! #
  • @TSDivaDani Wow! Enjoy London. It rocks! #
  • @PGHolyfield Don’t forget @nlowell has a sexy sexy voice #
  • @nlowell Woo Hoo! Ishmael is back! #
  • @martyndarkly Hello Crown! Happy no-more-oppression-day from one of your many former colonies! 🙂 #
  • @PGHolyfield Just subscribed to MAAH. #
  • Wow! Babies need a lot of stuff. Don’t they come with a starter kit or something? #
  • @podcastmama THANKS! I’m just trying to be prepared. #
  • First parent test failed. Can’t find Babies R Us. #
  • The one around the corner is gone. Have to head out by the office. Grrrrr #
  • @martyndarkly Same old same old. #
  • @podcastmama What do you really need for a “newborn starter kit”? #
  • @Kamikat What do you really need for a “newborn starter kit”? #
  • @ShannonFarrell What do you really need for a “newborn starter kit”? #
  • What do you really need for a “newborn starter kit”? #
  • @Kamikat Thanks for the baby info #
  • @trreed Thanks for the comment on the baby stuff #
  • @PodcastJunky Thank you so much for the good info #
  • @ShannonFarrell Wow! Dude, that’s like a dissertation. You’re awesome. Still need to read and digest. #
  • Retweet from @Rudy:Oh, how this picture makes me laugh. For my fellow Doc Who fans: -We need that shirt for @Cmaaarrr #
  • @ShannonFarrell Dude, that was totally awesome. More info is better. We’re engineers. We thrive on info. #
  • ReTwt from @ clm122704 : “It’ll take time to restore chaos” #
  • 3 hours in Babies R Us. Dinner at Eggspectations. Home to digest baby info. #
  • @PhilippaJane Want more Baaaaahhhhhd #
  • @trreed Awesome. Thanks #
  • @ladyozma We found a nice soft spot in the glider/rocker section. We’ll be there if you need us. #

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