Twitter Updates for 2008-06-29

by Paul Fischer
  • @pseudojoe Jeans, Golf shirt, undies, hoodie sweatshirt #
  • @teemonster check your email on facebook. They’re looking for an update on the USB mic shipping. The one you gave to the RIF auction #
  • @cmdln Did you pick up the story of the Python hackers picketed by PETA? #
  • @cmdln What about the follow up to the story of the linux file system programmer who got convicted of murder? #
  • @ctomasi Hawaii is always over too fast. I can’t wait to see more pictures. I love Kauai. #
  • @cmdln “I didn’t do it, but I’ll show you the body if you reduce my sentence.” #
  • @cmdln Let me know if you need a link to the Python-PETA thing. #
  • @nantekoto Congrats! When’s the big day? #
  • Breakfast, then Maine blueberry pie. nom nom nom #
  • Packing up and leaving Bar Harbor. Home first thing tomorrow morning. #
  • @nlowell Squee! #
  • ReTwt: #
  • ReTwt: Double Share – First Episode FULL – Everybody Squee! #

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