Teacher Fired for Wizardry!

by Paul Fischer

This is insane. In this day and age for a man to loose his job over superstition seems like fantasy, but it’s all too real.

Please click through to Digg and vote for this story. Then leave a comment on the Tampa Bays 10 website. We need to bring some national attention to this idiocy.

Bacon Rapping

by Paul Fischer

JoCo judged a recent contest on ColorWars to see who’s rap lyrics were the best. Oh, the lyrics had to include the word BACON!

Bacon! The Musical

by Paul Fischer

I ran into Rob Balder at RavenCon last weekend and discovered The FuMP! Funny music is awesome, and I figured I’d get around to looking at it eventually. But then I noticed a song about Bacon by The Great Luke Ski.

Rolling Back Twitter Friends

by Paul Fischer

I’m sorry to say I just can’t keep up with the greater conversation on Twitter anymore. In order for Twitter to continue to be of value to me I must cut back on who I’m following. I hate to do it. There are a ton of people out there with good information and interesting lives. But I’m just too damn busy.

I think my heuristic will be something akin to this: Do I know you personally? Have I met you in person? Am I going to meet you in person? Do we do business together? Do I find you intensely interesting?

Unfortunately, everyone who doesn’t meet the heuristic must be axed. I’m sorry, but I need to make Twitter work for me. Please don’t be offended. It’s nothing personal. I will still approve follow requests, but I will likely not follow you back.

Fight Junk Mail With Bricks

by Paul Fischer

I found this on Digg today and just couldn’t contain myself. This must be shared.

http://officeofstrategicinfluence.com/bulkmailer/ Is a site that shows you how to mail a brick or other heavy items to junk mailers. It helps the USPS and cost the junk mailers lots of cash. It’s time to fight back America! Click the link and mail your own brick.

Plug-In Prius Conversion: Mid-Atlantic

by Paul Fischer

I drive a Prius. My wife drives a Prius. We’re proud of the fact that our cars get high mileage and are inexpensive to own and operate. We’re also proud to be doing something for the environment.

The Prius is a great car, but it could be better. In many other places where the Prius is sold, with the exception of the US, the Prius has an EV (Electric Vehicle) mode. This allows the drive to completely disable the gas motor if he chooses. It’s supposed to be a huge energy savings when you’re driving in traffic or at low speed. If you could combine this with a plug-in option, you could save money and energy. This is called a Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle (PHEV).

I want these options. I have wanted them since I found out about them by reading Prius board and website on the net. However, the only places that sell kits to hack your Prius that I’ve found, such as Coastal Tech, are west coast based. Until now.

Enter Harvey Coachworks. This is the first Mid-Atlantic company I’ve seen that does any kind of Prius conversions (a.k.a. Prius Hacking). They’re based in Knoxville, MD less than 30 minutes from where I work. For the first time, I have hope that I can work with a local company to install some of the cooler Prius mods on the market without screwing up my car. I just contacted Mike Harvey, the owner of the company, but already I know we’ll be able to work together.


In and odd coincidence I have worked for him before. In a previous day job he was my supervisor. And, while the company wound up sucking the life out of me, I generally enjoyed working with him. (Except for the time he gave me a performance review and had his head in his Powerbook the whole time he was talking to me. But he was going through some heavy shit at home during that time, so, in hind sight, I’ll cut him some slack.)

What’s even weirder is that he’s going to be on the Science Track at Balticon to talk about his EV and PHEV conversions. I’m definitely going to snag an interview with him. I may even try to record it from inside his car, a VW Cabriolet which he personally converted into an EV.

Little Blue Herons from St. John’s River Florida

by Paul Fischer

These are the first pictures from our trip to Florida and the morning we spent boating on the St. John’s river.

Scott Sigler’s Infected – Free eBook

by Paul Fischer

We did it before and we are doing it again.

Scott Sigler’s new print version of Infected gets released on April 1st, 2008. Over the next few days, his publisher has allowed him to give away copies of the PDF version of the book for free.

We are helping him do just that.

For more information on Scott and Infected, visit www.scottsigler.com

If you want share the file with friends, get them to download it from this page or from:


By getting the file from that link, it’s proving to the big publishers that we podcasters have a clue about what we are doing.

This file will only be active for a few days, at which time the link will become inactive and you’ll have to go to the bookstore to read the story. Which you should do anyway.

Sigler Donuts

by Paul Fischer

If Scott Sigler were to make donuts, what kind would they be?

Buy Scott’s new book, Infected, on April first and show the world what Podcasting can do!


R.I.P. – Jesse Dakota Fischer Preston

by Paul Fischer

My nephew Jesse passed away this week. We’re out in AZ with family. We’ll be back soon.

Here’s Jesse’s obituary.


Bacon therapy and furuncular myiasis

by Paul Fischer

Kind of cool. Kind of gross. Very clinical.

Bacon therapy and furuncular myiasis

Bacon, the Pig’s Gift to Humanity and the Ultimate Diet Food

by Paul Fischer

Mike Doe has an excellent Blog Post on bacon.

Bacon Wallet

by Paul Fischer

It’s a wallet that looks like Bacon. Glorious Bacon.

What better place to keep your cash stash than wrapped in pork belly!

Thanks to Viv for the link.

Bacon Salt

by Paul Fischer

In other bacon news, there is apparently a real product that will make anything taste like Bacon! I may need to try out Bacon Salt at home just to see if it really works.

Bacon Cups

by Paul Fischer

I just saw this post on Digg. I’ve been making a lot of bacon recently, and this seems like a wicked cool idea.

I’ve also created a bacon category for the blog so I can post bacon specific news.

Podcasters Supper Mark II – Martha Style

by Paul Fischer

Martha put a shot across the bow of podcasting today by annotating the awesome picture posted last week by JR Blackwell. Click on the photo to go to Flickr and leave he a comment. She’ll love you forever.

Podcasters Supper

Photo taken at Farpoint Convention. Thanks Steve for an awesome time.

Podcasters Supper

by Paul Fischer

JR Blackwell has outdone herself again, with this picture.

Jocelyn’s Bat Mitzvah Pix

by Paul Fischer

Here’s the first round of pictures from Jocelyn’s Bat Mitzvah.

Joke From My Dad

by Paul Fischer

My Dad sends me tons of jokes. Many I don’t find funny. But this one I thought was too good not to pass along.

Electile Dysfunction : The inability to become aroused over any of the choices for president put forth by either party in the 2008 election year.

Buy a Piece of Us – Macs and Stuff for Sale on eBay

by Paul Fischer

Greetings All,

We have a pile of stuff we just put on eBay. Please help us out by taking a look, maybe we have something you need, and you know it’s coming from someone you can trust.

The items for sale are:

  • Apple iMac 20″ G5 1.8 GHz
  • Apple iBook 14″ G4 1.42 GHz
  • Apple Powerbook15″ G4 1.5 GHz
  • Apple 1GB DDR2 SDRAM
  • Apple 2x 1GB DDR2 SDRAM
  • Apple 2x 512 MB DDR2 SDRAM
  • Radio Systems TI-101 Telphone Audio Interface – great for podcast interview or a conferencing setup

Thanks for your interest. Email us through eBay if you have questions.