Advanced Podcasting Equipment and Configurations session at PodcasterCon

by Paul Fischer

I will be leading the discussion on Advanced Podcasting Equipment and Configurations. I am attending so I may teach and so that I can learn. I will be speaking with you, not speaking to you. We are all participants who will be working together toward greater understanding.

Podcastercon is this Saturday at UNC in Chapel Hill. Over 225 people have already registered, and the conference is free. If you haven’t signed up, there is still time.

Once you’ve mastered the basics of Podcasting you’ll want to spread your wings and try more advanced podcasting configurations. This session will address such topics as getting better audio quality with mixers, setting up multiple microphones, and adding special effects to your podcasts. We will also cover transitioning from the record and edit method of podcasting to a totally live recording session that requires no editing.

I currently publish two Podcasts: The Balticon Podcast and The ADD Cast. I’ve been podcasting for around 6 months, and in 2006 I will be adding a Poddiobook to my publication credits and possibly a third Podcast. I am continuing to expand my podcasting setup to allow for live call-ins by phone and by Skype. As well as adding additional equipment such as a compressor/limited to increase sound quality. My current setup allows for up to 5 in-studio guests.

This session with bring together a mix of folks just starting to advance their knowledge of audio with those who have been doing more advanced audio work. Backgrounds and technical competency will vary, but it is my hope we can share basics and advanced “secrets” with everyone involved. By the end of the session everyone will have learned something.

I will be bringing my equipment, and I invite you to bring yours. We can work together to understand how to overcome all types of problems. The following topics and more will be covered:

  • Using mixers
  • Multiple microphone setups
  • Compressor Limiters
  • Different types of microphones
  • Improving audio quality
  • Audio recording software

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