Gonna Go Round In Circles

by Paul Fischer

My plan this week was to listen to podcasts as I worked. After each podcast I would call in to their lines and leave witty comments. Fah! Who has brain power after war driving all day.

What? I hear you say, “Don’t be a pussy, you could have been doing real work.”

Well it doesn’t stack up to picking fruit, mining, or other real work, but having your ass in a car 8 hours a day to do coverage tests is real work. Just ask a trucker. Maybe I’m not driving on highways, but then, he’s not dodging every little kid on summer vacation who wants to make it into the newspapers by being run over.

I shit you not, I dodged 10 kids today who came right at me. Well over 100 heard the big rental car coming and got off the street. But these 10 just came right at me.

Here’s an idea of the ground I’ve covered in the last 3 days. You can see where I give you a 1 mile scale in purple. Now realize I’ve probably drive most streets more than once, just to double back and get the little dead ends and finish the grid pattern. I’m not saying where the picture is, because the work folks might have a cow. The resolution has been cut down, and the data isn’t what you would really see on our plots, I fudged a bit of it. But I wanted you to all see the sheer mileage I’ve been driving.

The good part was the podcasts. I listened to everything I could think of, and then some. I even went back to some I’ve cancelled to give them another try. They still suck, so I’m staying away from them. Such is life.

I also took time to check in on my beer auction. Over 7500 bottles of beer and another 3500 bottles of wine went on the block in DC. If it wasn’t for Saturday pickup, I would have stayed away. I got some great bargains, so long as the stock was not too old and well maintained.

Overall, I think I got 1 case of booze, and probably 12 cases of beer. The stuff I got is all imported. Most costs $3 to $10 a bottle. I got some of it for $5 a case! I guess I won’t be buying beer from Norm’s for a while.

I want to thank Charlie The Beer Guy for his advice. Without him, I wouldn’t have clue number 1 on which beers to pick. I’m sure you’ll be hearing the beer burps on future ADD Cast episodes.

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