Twitter Updates for 2008-07-08

by Paul Fischer
  • @Daecabhir Charlie Jade kicks ass. You may not know what’s going on yet, but you’re loving it. #
  • Metamor City Ep 13 is audio perfection. Chris Lester mixes music and story like no other. I am in awe. #
  • @nlowell In that case, let us make you younger. #
  • @etherius The song at the end of chapt 13 is awesome. What a perfect fit! I’m totally in awe. #
  • @Nobilis We can all benefit by a second pair of eye. We can all do more together than we can alone. #
  • @TeeMonster No. It’s probably syphilis. You you spend some time at Cmar’s bar and clinic where double shots mean something totally different #
  • @tivofanatic Not yet. We got sick on Sunday. Still recovery #
  • @tivofanatic recovering #
  • @etherius I stopped listening before the chat when I left that comment. Went out and bought the album. It was absolutely perfect. #
  • @tivofanatic Thanks. I am. Martha is still dragging ass. #
  • Call 1-206-666-2843 with your memories of Balticon 42 for our feedback show. There’s still time. Pick up the phone and call. #
  • @etherius I emailed the band already #
  • @etherius Hey! Where’s my 4:20 MoZ? #
  • @etherius Doh! Found it. #
  • Heading for home ~p~ #
  • @mwsmedia I don’t #
  • @Kamikat Salespeople lead to the dark side! Noooooooooo! #
  • @HoboZero Well wishes. Take care for yourself and the Silver Bullet. #
  • @mwsmedia #
  • @mwsmedia Read further down the page. G4 had a web feature called “Epic Fail” #

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