Twitter Updates for 2008-07-10

by Paul Fischer
  • Up early. Time to get back on the Treadmill. OOF! Let’s get on our feet. #
  • OOF: 33 minutes on the treadmill. Pouring sweat. Oingo Boingo, SR-71, DaVinci’s Notebook, Barenaked Ladies #
  • Good morning all. Feeling much more alive after my workout #
  • @Kamikat Did you see my email about BBQ? #
  • @PhilRossi I’ve been having problems with dual-layer discs on my MBPs. What type of Mac & media? #
  • @PhilRossi If you need to burn something quick, I’m over in Sterling #
  • @VividMuse I’m glad your niece’s baby situation is calming down. Good luck. #
  • @PauletteJaxton Sorry about your knee. Feel better. #
  • Holy Shiz! Matt Selznick just got Boing Boinged! #
  • @ravyn AWESOME! When do we hit the high seas for some piracy? #
  • Retweet @mightymur: Fight congress allowing warrantless wiretapping: #
  • Looks like I may be updating my resume soon. I do not need change right now. But I can’t stay if we’re not winning jobs. #
  • The pendulum swings. They need me in NYC for 3-5 weeks starting later this month. Arrrrrrgggggggg #
  • @ctumaven it looks like an electron microscope scan of a dust mite. #
  • @scottsigler It’s only contrived if he grows a halo too. #
  • @scottsigler He could have a harness with a balloon on a tether which an airplane could snag on a fly-by to extract him. #
  • Please retweet, digg, share, etc: #
  • Security guy blocked my routing protocol through the firewall. <headdesk!> #

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