Twitter Updates for 2008-07-12

by Paul Fischer
  • Good morning everyone. Managed to sleep until 630. Woot. Heading for the treadmill and 30 minutes of walking. #
  • @nantekoto Thanks #
  • OOF: 33 minutes on the treadmill. Covered in sweat. Blondie, Wang Chung, Offspring, Michelle Malone, Moody Blues #
  • @Kamikat PIE! #
  • BBQ Pork is out of the brine and has gotten its spicy rubdown. Now it rests in the fridge #
  • @VividMuse Thanks. I’m trying to keep it up. The feedback helps. #
  • @tivofanatic It’s part of my workout mix. Wang Chung Tonight! #
  • @BRKyle Thanks. I’ll keep trying it. #
  • @trreed I’ll have to experiment with that. Thanks for the info #
  • @Daecabhir Aren’t you supposed to be cleaning your house? Get off Twitter and clean Monkeybot! #

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