Twitter Updates for 2008-07-14

by Paul Fischer
  • Retweeting @mwsmedia: My book is at #70 on — can you make it 50? 25? thanks so much!!! #
  • Finished recording Balticon 42 Memories episode. Will edit tomorrow and post later this week. #
  • @HeatherWelliver Are you both back in MD or still in OK? #
  • @mightymur 19k for PfK! That’s totally awesome. #
  • @HeatherWelliver Welcome home. I hope everything is all right back west. #
  • Just found out my photos were published in a magazine and newspaper. Trying to get copies. Can you say Wow! I knew you could. #
  • My picture even if it is uncredited, it’s mine! And it’s in a newspaper! #
  • @nlowell You continue to amaze me. #
  • @ravyn <bows>Thank you. Big day for us yesterday. Who’d thunk it. #
  • @Tabz I vote for Blank Spaces Studios. The blank spaces are what’s between the lines. #
  • @VividMuse Many thanks. The ones in the magazine are supposed to be better, but they can’t find a copy to send me. #
  • @nomad_scry Thanks. It’s good to know I can be brilliant before caffine #
  • @Nobilis Not all Rap music is bad. #
  • @Kamikat Poor monkey. I hope he gets better soon. #
  • @Nobilis Odd. I was thinking I need another twitter account for my new podiobook too #
  • @PhilRossi Sweet graphic #
  • @PodcastJunky I love my Plantronics USB headsets for skype and mobile recording. I’ve been very happy at how long they’ve lasted and sound #
  • ~p~ #
  • Bread has been started. Need to have some real food before I collapse. #
  • Work was bizarre today. Need to check the dictionary. Apparently some words have changed their meaning today. Temporary routers = permanent #

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