Twitter Updates for 2008-08-08

by Paul Fischer
  • @SFEley has directed me to “have fun”. I comply. EP169 was wicked cool. I really really really liked it. #
  • Good morning all! Heading home to @ljosalf later today. Late NYC trip for a while I hope. #
  • @brandg BYOC? #
  • @MsInformation Tell me you have a big zoom and he knows how to use it. #
  • @brandg We can bring ’em #
  • @MsInformation if they’re not gone yet, you can rent them. #
  • @brandg yipee! font-astic #
  • On the train. Happy to be coming home a little early. #
  • I am recording this weekend. DM me if you want any voice work done #
  • @TeeMonster How can I watch? #
  • Finally made it home. Very very tired #
  • @scottsigler I’ll just duct tape myself to the john while I read it. #

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