Twitter Updates for 2008-08-09

by Paul Fischer
  • @BRKyle Done with travel to NYC for a bit. I’ll never be done with it forever. It’s like the mob. #
  • @Chelly527 Something about archery and catching in the same sentence disturbs me. #
  • @WillBrown Have you been to a Podcaster Alliance meeting yet? #
  • @PodcastJunky Good morning #
  • @PodcastJunky I’ve downloaded the ep. Haven’t listened yet. #
  • @PodcastJunky I’ll blog both #
  • @PodcastJunky Nope. No NME for me. Baby coming. All focus on her. #
  • @BRKyle Thanks! #
  • @PodcastJunky NME is expensive to fly to and stay at for us east coaster #
  • Back from DC Podcaster Alliance meeting. Focusing on recording for the rest of the day. #
  • @etherius question for you about cuckoo. Got your ears on? #
  • @strangerthings Ping me on Aim/Skype for a sec. I have a quick question that might help you. #
  • @TeeMonster please tell Nat she has email. #
  • @PhilippaJane When do you need the Shakespeare reads done by? #
  • @stephenkil I’ll wire the fiber data infrastructure to all the homes. #
  • @etherius If so, I need a list of names. All I could come up with is Lord and Lady Douchebag a la SNL skit from the 70’s. #
  • @feliciaday Totally Awesome! #
  • Too Cool! #
  • @TeeMonster downloading Doub Troub videos from Jett now #
  • @TeeMonster Once the downloads are done I will. #
  • @TeeMonster Mac friendly or Pod friendly? H.264. Heavy or Lite compression? #

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