Twitter Updates for 2008-09-04

by Paul Fischer
  • Awake. Thinking about the treadmill. Yesterday sucked. Headache 1/2 the day. Foul mood persists. #
  • @PodcastPickle Good morning #
  • @etherius New eco-system for you. New pollens to react to. Sorry to hear about your problems #
  • @PauletteJaxton Thanks. I’m still working on my mind this morning. #
  • @choochus We didn’t realize there was a conflict. Unfortunately, we’re running out of time before Eliza Rose arrives. #
  • @MattFnWallace It’s hard to tell it was backless with all the back hair. Next time shave. #
  • @MattFnWallace I gotta go with River Otters. Hundreds of them. With swords and armor. And jet packs! Must have jet packs. #
  • @MattFnWallace <bows> Thank you sir, </bows> #
  • @indianajim Thanks. I know you’re generally on the other side of the table from me. How do you feel about this? #
  • @Nobilis The point is, right now, the choice isn’t up to the doc. You go to a doc, and you get treatment. Period. The treatment you want. #
  • @Nobilis What happens when every medical prof. can deny treatment just because? I’ve had more than one doc say, “I don’t believe in ADD” #
  • @Nobilis Are they allowed to refuse to renew my meds which are proven to help me because they don’t “believe” in my disorder? #
  • @indianajim Sorry. I thought you meant the healthcare thing. I’m lost today. #
  • @indianajim I guess Summer missed you. You should contact her or FPM support ASAP to make sure your files are on the new server. #
  • @MistressJett Exactly. #
  • @VividMuse That’s a serious one. #
  • @indianajim #
  • @indianajim You have to figure the YOUR_SHOW_HERE part. It should be your FTP login to the FPM media site. #
  • @MistressJett W00t! Thank you so much. #
  • @drhorrible Thank you so much for a non-DRM soundtrack. iTunes Music Store will get my money again. #
  • @SVAllie Guns would have been cooler. #
  • @Nobilis But that’s not the point. Today. Right now. They have to treat me. This new law lets them effectively say, I’m not going to treat #
  • you because of my beliefs. It has nothing to do with controversy. It has to do with providing medical service regardless of your personal #
  • @Nobilis beliefs. It’s about your right to obtain health care. They want to give medical workers the right to refuse you care based on their #
  • @Nobilis beliefs. The language is over broad and this should not become law. #
  • Heading for home. Later tweets. ~p~ #

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