Twitter Updates for 2008-12-02

by Paul Fischer
  • Darth Bonbon slept from 945 pm to now. She’s gonna be one hungry baby this morning. Preparing for the milk storm. #
  • ERF Princess is absolutely a darling this morning #
  • SCi-Fi has green lighted the BSG prequel, Caprica! #
  • @shunn Any chance you’re coming to Balticon in 2009? #
  • @HeatherWelliver That’s my girl! Supra Genius! #
  • @heatherwelliver – It won’t be long before she’ll be making her own newborn workout video. Think of the money we … #
  • Listening to Morevi pr0n. Thinking about doing slash audio cut with CtB. Hot Tee on Tee action. #
  • @heatherwelliver – Cute Overload! #
  • @PhilippaJane Would you rather have Sive on Askana audio slash? #
  • @PhilippaJane If I wasn’t caring for a newborn I’d be all over it. #
  • @spiritualtramp You’re welcome. I should invest in mental floss. #
  • @Quonundrum Thanks! #
  • @cthulhim Happy Birthday! I hope your special day is full of awesome. #
  • @indianajim Maybe it’s awesomely disturbing. Or disturbingly awesome. #
  • @PhilippaJane Someone really should do a remix of those two episode. Sive on Rafe? Wil on Askana? #
  • @wilw They may be a matter of public record, and therefore available under a FoIA request. #
  • @Cynical_Woman Just trying to disturb everyone’s day and sell some mental floss. #
  • @PhilippaJane bow chicka bow wow. #
  • @spiritualtramp Glad to be of service. Just don’t think of me while you’re there. #
  • Trying to find printable blank baby annoucnements for around $0.50 each. Too much crap on the net to sort through #
  • Oooohhhh! Bulk cards! The frugal! #
  • Go Mac! Go Linux! RT from @choochus #
  • @Cynical_Woman Can’t see the Snurl you sent #
  • If the site has a cutesy name, their products are the same but cost twice as much #
  • @Cynical_Woman Disturbing #

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