Flickr Photo Meme

by Paul Fischer

I usually don’t respond when I’m tagged for a meme’s. Time is scarce these days, but this one is pretty neat, so I’m making the time. Andy from the Andycast tagged Dani Cutler from the Truth Seekers podcast and Dani tagged me. The meme is you have to go to your 6th page of flickr photos, and blog about the 6th picture. Here’s Andy’s post. Here’s Dani’s post from her personal blog.

I have a ton of family only and friend only pictures on my Flickr feed. I chose to use the 6th picture on the 6th page that a non-friend/family person would see. If you go to the 6th photo on the 6th page and don’t see this picture, then you’re a friend or family member on Flickr, so you see pictures of mine that most people don’t see.

Balticon has been an anchor in my life almost immediately from the time I moved to the D.C. area. I has been my favorite con for over 15 years and about a decade ago I started volunteering my time to help run the it. I started out helping CZ run computer gaming, and eventually took over the reigns as his personal life got more complex. When my interest in computer gaming waned I started the podcasting track and the Balticon Podcast.

This turns out to be one of the best things I’ve ever done. The podcasting track morphed into the new media track and now includes blogs, podcasts, and web comics. I’ve met and become friends with a huge creative community which enriches my life on a daily basis. I can’t remember a time when I’ve had so many friends all over the world with whom I’ve been able to create new and better things.

The first year we had the podcasting track at Balticon, someone wanted to have blue crabs. I think it might be Mur Lafferty who made the initial suggestion. Since then a blue crab feast has become a regular event for the podcasters at Balticon.

For Balticon 42, Earl Newton is the one who really made it happen. He got everyone together, placed the order, wrangled the crabs, and found us a place to eat. The large paper bag is full of steamed spiced Maryland goodness.

Where do you ear blue crab? First you go to Maryland because they make the best. Ideally, blue crabs are eaten outside and with beer. A good crowd of friends always makes the meal that much sweeter.

How do you eat a blue crab? Then you get some plain brown paper for a table cloth and a big wooden mallet. You open up the body of the crab like a pop top soda can and get the mustard and good body meat. Then you take the mallet and smash the claws to get the delicious claw meat. If you’re a pro, you can get a little meat from the legs. I am not, so I skip them.

Don’t bother washing up until you’ve had your fill. Maryland blue crabs, eaten this way, are messy. Downright delectable, but very very messy.

Our yearly crab feast is always one of the high points for me. I expend so much energy getting the track coordinated and getting recordings for the Balticon Podcast, that it really matters to me that I get to sit down with my friends and peers and just enjoy the company and the meal.