Twitter Updates for 2008-12-05

by Paul Fischer
  • Darth Bonbon is not having a good night. Tag team parenting is all that is containing her wrath. #
  • @chigh Sounds like a normal turn up to me. Are you surprised the carrier lied? #
  • @danthefan Dude. Those Kata bags are seriously expensive. #
  • @HeatherWelliver They can rent her by the hour. All donations go to her college fund. #
  • @HeatherWelliver Wow! That’s gonna be one big boy. #
  • @heatherwelliver – Oh man, she still looks cute. More costumes coming. #
  • @maebreakall – Lookin’ sweet. @breakall better keep an eye on you. Someone might steal you away. #
  • Someone stop be before I FreeCycle again. I have 4 pickups plus a beer pickup on the way home. Glad I’m leaving early. #
  • @cthulhim And they say a single vote doesn’t matter. 4 votes. Yikes! #
  • @svallie – OK. My child is never going there. #
  • @ladyozma W00t! Now that’s frugal! #
  • @BadAstronomer If there’s a MicroCenter near you they have 1TB drives on sale for $130 with USB 2.0 enclosure. #
  • @ladyozma That’s another great idea. I assume you get UPC codes for things you didn’t buy. #
  • Time to plan my pickup route. I have a 3-4 conference call I’ll be taking while I’m doing my FreeCycle pickups. #

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