Twitter Updates for 2009-02-16

by Paul Fischer
  • New Vid on Qik #
  • @Quonundrum Thanks. She has the most awesome laugh. We’ll share later. #
  • @Quonundrum stupid iMovie 09 won’t let me import the file. I have to use the older version. #
  • Awake. Baby fed and back to sleep. Making my breakfast and tea now. Still drinking Teavana I bought months ago. Yummie #
  • @PauletteJaxton She’s always sweet for you #
  • @brucefp Did your co-workers steal all your stuff while you were out? #
  • Off to the races #
  • @mikeshelby I have an iPhone. Do you play iMob? #
  • @mikeshelby They are extremely fine. They have their problems, but less major ones than many other phones I’ve owned. #
  • @zentinal I tweet from this account for the Balticon Podcast. I don’t think the convention itself has a twitter feed. #
  • Balticon 43 now has a Twitter account. Please follow @balticon #
  • @zentinal my account covers ADDCast and Balticon Podcast. I just created an account for Balticon: @balticon #
  • @zentinal Yes. There will be a new media track. I’m running it again. @ScottSigler will be out Special GoH #
  • RT @ravyn: ooooooh it’s confirmed (just not published) there will be a Steampunk Ball at Balticon 43! WOOHOO!!! Details TBA #
  • New private video on YouTube. Baby’s first laugh. Friend me on YouTube if you want to see. #
  • @drlinbob May will come on it’s own. Baltimore requires a plane ticket or gas in the car #
  • RT @mightymur: ISBW made the top 100 Small Biz Podcasts of 08! Wow! (thanks @baelen for the alert!) #
  • @mightymur More proof of your awesomeness #

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