Japanese Fish Owl – Sept 2007

by Paul Fischer

In Sept, 2007, on the northern most side of Japan’s northern most island. An island from which you can actually see Russia, even on a bad day, we headed out in the dead of night to an organized Fish Owl shoot.

My old Canon flash gave up the ghost somewhere between Taichung and Tokyo. Luckily my ancient Vivitar flash got plucked from the garage just before we walked out the door weeks before. My trusty old Vivitar doesn’t speak modern Canon hot shoe lingo, so I was forced to shoot completely manual.

I worked it out as I went along. Lucky for me I had been listening to the back catalog of Shutters Inc episodes from down under. It was like a refresher of my college photo courses in my earbuds. The results follow. Notice how the shots get better as we progressed through the evenings.

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