Twitter Updates for 2009-05-05

by Paul Fischer
  • @TeeMonster Panasonic HDC-HS9 #
  • @maebreakall Do you and @Breakall have a room at Balticon? #
  • @VividMuse I have no power to rent buses. Unless by rent you mean steal. #
  • Everyone please send warm healing thoughts to @TeeMonster. He has a really bad case of pink eye and is feeling miserable. #
  • @nlowell Almost time. If you come early you can stay at our place, but you have to babysit. #
  • Who was looking for a hard case for transporting their podcasting gear? This might be it: #
  • CBC’s Search Engine podcast with Jesse Brown, one of the best ones I know, has moved from CBC to TVO (re)subscribe #
  • Direct subscription link to Search Engine, one of the best Internet topic podcasts ever: #

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