Twitter Updates for 2010-06-05

by Paul Fischer
  • I am taking a break from my social media poo and heading for the TV and couch to snuggle with @ljosalf #
  • Up at 6. Let girls sleep. Wrangled #Balticon audio some. Off to diner then farmers market. #
  • First haircut reward #
  • @HeatherWelliver She was awesome! No crying. Just a bit of running around during the cut. in reply to HeatherWelliver #
  • @unclemonster That was a cookie with cream filling, from a bakery. Nom nom nom in reply to unclemonster #
  • @HeatherWelliver Login to Skype when you get a chance or have @Grailwolf do it. in reply to HeatherWelliver #
  • Making cold strawberry soup and hot yellow squash and zucchini soup w/ lamb sausage. DANGER! Men Cooking #
  • @ObiOrion She was awesome. No crying. Just a bit of walking around while the stylist worked. in reply to ObiOrion #
  • @ObiOrion You have no idea. The hot soup is awesome. Lots of fresh herbs. The cold soup is thickening up nicely and has 1/2 sugar. #FTW in reply to ObiOrion #
  • @brandg It is your FIRST novel. You will only get better. Now get back to work and write some more. in reply to brandg #
  • @spellwight Time to break out the inhaler! #OhNoHeDidnt in reply to spellwight #
  • Absolutely wiped from a zen afternoon of being house hubby. Clean clothes. Clean dishes. Clean pots. Mega homemade food cooked. #FTW #
  • Also got in some chat with the nuclear family of mine. Haven't spoke to the sisters or dad in a while. #
  • @vg_ford Depends. You'll need to price out ransom demands with @ljosalf … You'll probably also need to babysit. 😉 in reply to vg_ford #
  • I'm waiting for the laundry to finish in order to start next load. In the mean time, backing up all the Balticon audio that worked. #
  • There were problems recording a bunch of stuff in Chesapeake at #Balticon for that we are truly sorry. #
  • @vg_ford I only do kitchen work really. Home cooking of the best style and the clean up afterward. in reply to vg_ford #
  • @Cmaaarrr I love you. You are the best looking, sexiest, tastiest, most awesomely packaged snack cake ever. Jump in my cart. #
  • @clmerle We lost probably 10-15% of the recordings. No data in the files. Probably backups kicked off during recording. Unfortunate. in reply to clmerle #
  • I saw a 2 TB hard disk on sale for $80 yesterday. Pretty soon we should be seeing 4 and 8 TB drives coming out. I love living NOW! #
  • @vg_ford A DAY? You crazy? I'll fill your freezer for a month. I'm worth the investment in duct tape. 😉 in reply to vg_ford #
  • @clmerle Yeah. And I could have stopped it if I had been thinking. Still, I have lots of great audio. in reply to clmerle #
  • @planetx Rock on my man! I can't wait to hold it in my hands. in reply to planetx #
  • Laundry is started. Exhausted. Really want to blog the soup recipes while my brain is working. Maybe from upstairs. Done with basement. #
  • @vg_ford My desire to leak my schedule and location information is growing. Do you also shop at a farmer's market? in reply to vg_ford #
  • @vg_ford Will link when I post. in reply to vg_ford #
  • @sinspired Nope and the zip file has already been archived off site. in reply to sinspired #
  • I'm off to put baby to bath and then all of us to bed. Bye Bye ~p~ #
  • @sinspired It should be good in reply to sinspired #

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