Twitter Updates for 2011-07-01

by Paul Fischer
  • "Don't put macadamia nuts in your pull-up!" #ThingsINeverThoughtIdSay #
  • @ZackZazula I'm glad my world can provide some humor in your otherwise dreary life. 😉 #
  • Been up all night off and on with sick ERF. Oddly rested and relaxed. Time to get ready to infect the office. 🙂 #
  • @Scaleslea It's all about sharing, right? #
  • @Scaleslea Sorry. Kept meaning to tell you. The machine is down to be resold. Need to attach drive to another machine. Working on it. #
  • @Scaleslea Sick ERF has my plans delayed #
  • @PauletteJaxton Good morning #
  • @PhilippaJane @Teemonster *head swimming* Did you actually use "Tee" and "quietly" in the same sentence? #
  • @PhilippaJane @Teemonster srsly, a lifetime of congratulations to you both. I get the Man Cave when you're down under #
  • @PauletteJaxton Germ xport Agent ERF has been highly effective in keeping me up most of the night. Mommy got sleep. Yeah! #
  • @PauletteJaxton and how are you this fine morn? #
  • @Cynical_Woman Tricks are well. ERF is under the weather. Had to cancel weekend trip. Otherwise, SSDD. You? #

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