Twitter Updates for 2012-09-17

by Paul Fischer
  • @JeffSchweitzer why are we still talking about Santorum? #
  • @Daughterpick laundry! #solidarity #
  • @ObiOrion @heatherwelliver we've almost been there 4-5 times. E has been able to unlock from inside before panic set in #
  • Q: who remembers pay toilets at department stores? Mom always made me crawl under the stall doors. "No dimes for you!" #
  • @HardcoreHistory it's like sex. Take your time. Do it right & we'll all enjoy it. 😉 #
  • Having flashbacks to childhood & mom making me crawl under the pay stall doors at Alexander's dept store in Green Acres mall #
  • @MattFnWallace no talking bad about Roadhouse. That movie is perfect. #
  • the only lady big & strong enough to stand up to @MattFnWallace #
  • @MattFnWallace Your thesis is 100% correct. #

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