Twitter Updates for 2012-09-20

by Paul Fischer
  • @TeeMonster don't you think you should use other letters than just K? #smartass 😉 #
  • @TeeMonster that would be awesome. I can haz stempunk. I can haz big boomz. I is in ur plot messing with ur Hero. #
  • Apple has ruined podcast listening. No way to sort podcasts or arrange them in play lists in #ios6

    Seriously unhappy. #

  • Had podcast listening sorted for over 5 years. Thanks for breaking it Apple. #ios6 #
  • @DJRJSII the new Podcast app is supposed to be where you play them. No playlist support in Podcast app. Music app refuses to show them. #
  • @DJRJSII third party apps like Leech Tunes and Touch & Play still see them in the old playlist. #
  • @Sargent Can I arrange the files easily on my mac and sync the playlist/orderd list to my iPhone? #
  • @Sargent I have Instacast just haven't played with it. #
  • @Sargent I also download podcast episodes on my Mac not my phone so I don't burn cell data plan #
  • @PauletteJaxton Too cute! #
  • @Sargent Bummer. I don't like managing lists of things on my iPhone. I just want to keep it in a playlist on my Mac #
  • @breakall The new Podcast app sucks ass. No way to order your podcasts into playlist. Only play by subscription. #FAIL #
  • @breakall Yes. It looks like Leech Tunes can still read my old Podcast Playlist. So I'll be listening on that for a while. #
  • @breakall I also still use Touch & Play (by me and @hedron (mostly him)) to keep from crashing. #
  • @brandg There are a lot of sites I stopped using (looking at you because they wanted me to sign in with F*ckbook #
  • @altonbrown Amateur. means doing something because you love it. By that definition any chef who loves to cook is amateur. #
  • @breakall @hedron Yes it is. Here's the link to Touch & Play in the app store #
  • My name is Paul and I am a @scottsigler addict. It took me 5 days to fix my child's toilet because I was too busy reading The MVP. #

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