Twitter Updates for 2012-09-25

by Paul Fischer
  • So today I lost 2 hours of my life dealing with a letter from the county. I wish they'd go help someone else. #
  • @wonderlandblog I'm pretty sure it does. Even decaf is acidic. That can't help acid tummy #
  • This is an example of my tribe's sense of humor: #
  • @wonderlandblog check with your doc. Mine has me on Omeprizole (sp?). Works great for me. #
  • Working on an egg & lox muffin for breakfast. Letting the girls sleep. #
  • Runny yolks on an open faced eng muf sandwich make for a sloppy breakfast. Taste combo bonus. Lox & eggs #
  • @TeeMonster sorry to hear about B. hope you're all ok. #

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