Twitter Updates for 2012-09-30

by Paul Fischer
  • Why is it the bulbs I hate won't die and the bulbs I like are already dead? #
  • Republicans got elected on job creation in 2010. Here's their week by week record in congress. How'd they do? #
  • Is there a Pantone chart for lung fish color? It would be cool if you could debug you cold this way. #
  • Feeling better. First time in dayside head is clear and I have energy. I hate being sick. #
  • @rickygervais good morning. Keep up the good work. Love your tweets. #
  • “@slashdot: Woman Successfully Grows Ear From Arm” That's sciences, bitches! #
  • @Qitou get well soon #
  • @punkwalrus I think he would need a warrant. Just sayin #
  • Huge thanks to @AllisonDGamblin for being super BBQ chef. Thanks to everyone who helped clean up #
  • @CWSeidman Too bad. Oprah showed up and gave all the kids a free college education to the school of their choice. #
  • @ljosalf Next yeart we outsource her birthday to India. They can just send us pictures of all the fun. #

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