Twitter Updates for 2012-10-06

by Paul Fischer
  • @hwinkler4real I have a dyslexic friend with a shirt that says "Dyslexics of the world untie!" #
  • @wogibook why did you follow me? #
  • Is there a twitter app for iPhone that let's me mute some people for a few hours? #
  • @wogibook I'm an atheist. I was Wiccan before that. Born a Jew. I gave up religion when I started studying the world. #
  • @wogibook How can you claim to know the true god? There are hundreds of religions active in the world today. How is yours the only true one? #
  • @wogibook Which bible? Which gospel? Please be specific. I only own a few and there are so many with huge differences #
  • @wogibook OK. Amazon has 6 different King James bibles just on the first page. Which specific one do you use? How are the others different? #
  • @wogibook You look like you're about 25. How were you a free thinker for 20 years? Did you start being a free thinker at age 5? #
  • @wogibook I'm looking at Leviticus 18:17. Does this mean I can't change my daughter's clothes in the morning? #
  • @wogibook So at 15 you became a free thinker and now you've turned christian? That's a little early to self-ident free thinker #
  • @wogibook Yeah, so. I hear christians quote the old testament all the time. Leviticus is where the whole gay bashing is OK thing comes from #
  • @wogibook I did a search on the site you pointed me to and that was the first thing that came up when I searched on "daughter" #
  • @wogibook Question for you. Do you think there would be any suicide bombers if they didn't believe in heaven? #
  • @wogibook Wow. 2 evasive answers in 3 min. So, you want me to read a huge book, which is a lot of work for me, but you won't answer my Qs? #
  • @wogibook That's asking a lot. #
  • @wogibook Exactly my point. If they didn't think blowing themselves up would get them to heaven, would they still do it? #
  • @wogibook Can you see how someone evil can use the idea of heaven to make someone else do something evil when they think they're doing good? #
  • @breakall Any advice for Ginger Ale slow cooked pork shoulder? I'm going to try it your way. #
  • @wogibook "free doubts to find relevant passages" or "know bible by context" you can't do both. You realize those contradict, right? #
  • @wogibook Why does god let evil men us his words to make more evil in the world? #
  • @wogibook Read "Mark 7:5-8". It makes absolutely no sense to me. I don't know who's talking nor what they mean. #
  • @wogibook I'm more interested in where all our genetic diversity came from we if started with only Adam & Eve #
  • @wogibook Good night #
  • @wogibook Sounds like too much work to me. I'm far too busy. Good luck to you. If you need help getting away from religion, call me. #
  • @wogibook I'll read it. #
  • @breakall Awesome. Thank you. I'm off to the store for pork shoulder now. #
  • @breakall onions give me tummy trouble, so I'll pull them out at the end. #

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