Twitter Updates for 2012-01-21

by Paul Fischer
  • @bsweichsel DIT? Did you mean DIY? #
  • I'm screwed. I stole the shoelace off my boot months ago for my old sneakers. Now I can't wear my boots in the snow! #FAIL #
  • Sneaker laces taking the place of boot laces and a quick trip to the mall will fix this problem.. Then back to cleaning away ice #
  • Snailmail spam: Chosen to represent district by RNC. As long as I donate to RNC. Who do they think I am? Fox News? ( @LOLGOP ) #fail #
  • In 48 hours @WhiteHouse will decide: banks or homeowners? Join the call to #investigatebanks #yeshecan #
  • @cmdln Consider setting up Crashplan P-t-P with one and only one other person. It's easy. @WryneckStudio might be interested. #
  • @cmdln 1 machine to 1 machine works quick and easy. Other configs are more complex. #
  • The SOPA Strke numbers for your consideration (and self congratulations) #
  • @cmdln Does it support P2P backups with friends? if so, I'd be happy to test with you if I can build a Mac or Pogoplug client #
  • At a 3 yo birthday party. Why are there no physicists here studying chaos theory? #

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